room with images on wall
Figuring out which pictures will look best on which walls, in which frame can be a daunting task. And then, what size should each image be? With a projector and innovative software we can guide you through the process of decorating the walls of your home. You will be able to see how individual images or multi-image collections will look on your walls.

The process starts with you taking some snap-shots of any walls in your home that you think you might benefit from some pictures. Email the images to the studio. The photographer will take those images into consideration as he plans your portrait session. After the session, when you come in to see your images, we will project them onto our wall inside an image of your wall. At that point you can try out different framing and sizing options. We will guide you every step of the way. Once your order has been been produced, we can even come to your home to hang it for you!