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Edge to Edge

Level 1

A freeform meandering design over the entire quilt surface, including borders. You can have leaves, hearts, flowers, spirals, stippling or choose from a large selection of other designs. Designs can be scaled in size to suit your quilt.

$0.02 – $0.03 per square inch

Level 2

Just like level 1 you get to chose a freehand pattern for the interior of your quilt, but you also get a separate border(s).

$0.025 per square inch

Custom Quilting

Please call or email me for a quote.

Included in prices above are:

  • Thread: I use high quality machine quilting thread which work best on my long arm machine.
  • Trimming: I am happy to trim your excess batting/backing so you can get to the binding faster! Please let me know if you don’t want this done. Extra batting and backing will be returned to you.

Extra charges include:

  • Piecing the batting or backing, $10
  • Thread Colour changes, $10
  • Binding: Machine binding available



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