capturing the personality of students on the verge of a new phase of life

What is a Graduation Session?

Graduating is a big deal. An important milestone. Whether finishing elementary school, high school, or college, graduation means moving into a new phase of life. A new level of independence. This is the perfect time to get some images that capture personality before the next phase of life changes it forever.

the Graduation Session Experience

Your session will start in our studio with some classical formal portraits. We have a various backgrounds and lighting style for you to choose from. A dressing room is provided with, mirrors, brushes, skin shine reducer, etc. A graduation cap and gown are on hand for your use if desired.

After the studio session we can move outdoors for some more casual portraits. Trenton High School is directly across the street so we could even do some images on the sports field.

The session takes about 30-45 minutes.

Preparing for the Session

  • wear solid coloured clothing, or clothing with small patterns.
  • choose muted tones that are a bit subdued so that you are the subject not your clothes and you don’t stand out from the group. Bright colours project (especially reds, oranges, and yellows), which also makes you look larger.
  • choose similar tones for your top and bottom (both dark or both light) so that one doesn’t look bigger than the other.  White top, dark pants will make your top look bigger.  White pants, dark top will make your butt look bigger.
  • bring accessories such as scarf, shawl, vest, jacket, hat, etc so we can be creative.
  • choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow  because your arms take up more skin area than your face and will draw attention and it may also make your arms look larger
  • do your hair the way you’d normally do it while wearing these clothes – no fancy up dos with jeans, no pony tails with evening gowns, etc. Your portrait will be more timeless and represent more closely who you are, not just what you look like.
  • if getting a haircut or new hairdo, make your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your portrait session – again this seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised! Fresh hair cuts rarely look their best the same or next day. Ladies need time to practice working it, men need it to grow out just a little. Allow some time to live with your new look before your portrait session.

Package Prices

The cost of the session is $145 +HST. This includes lightly edited images from each pose. Images will be available in an online gallery. Web optimized images can be downloaded from the gallery for sharing on social media. Prints can be ordered from the gallery as well. Skin retouching is included for all printed images.

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