Weddings can be stressful events.

So much passion goes into planning every little detail. But sometimes the day just doesn’t go according to plan. When the limo is late, the flowers wilt, or raindrops start to fall, the last thing you need is your photographer adding to the stress.


Other than their groom, brides will spend more of their day with the photographer than anyone else at the wedding. What you want is a calm professional who can create great images without interfering with your priorities.


In order to remain calm under stress your photographer needs the confidence that comes from a depth of experience. Having photographed 160+ weddings over a 30 year career gives me the confidence to deal with anything.


Calmness and confidence free the spirit to be creative, and tuned in to the emotional drama being played out in front of the lens. This is how compelling images are created. How significant moments are captured. How the real story of your day gets told.

Let me tell the story of your wedding; calmly, confidently, and creatively.

Please use the contact form below and choose wedding pricing from the reason for contacting menu. Use the Questions or comments box to tell me your wedding date so I can let you know if I am available for you.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

bride-and-groom-posing-on-bridgeGood question!

These days lots of people have good digital cameras. They take really nice pictures. You have seen them on Facebook. Truth be told, with today’s technology just about anyone can produce some excellent photographs…some, or even most of the time. But there is so much more to wedding photography than getting some good photos of most aspects of your once-in-a-lifetime day.

Weddings entail several difficult photographic challenges that cause many very capable amateurs to struggle and fail. Specialized equipment and finely honed technique are required to craft excellent images in cramped (messy) bridal prep rooms, dark churches and reception halls, and harshly lit outdoor settings.

You also want someone who can work quickly and efficiently under pressure, and not get in the way or lose his cool. Managing large family groups and directing posing that will flatter everyone in the picture is a whole other skill set. Most photographers don’t realize how difficult that is until they try it once.

A professional photographer has all this under control, while at the same time is watching for those significant candid moments that will really tell your story.

Engagement Sessions

romantic portrait of engaged coupleEngagement sessions are included with most wedding packages.  This is a special portrait experience for you and your fiancée. Together we will determine the perfect location and wardrobe. During the session I will teach you how to pose so that you will look your very best. We will learn how to work together smoothly and efficiently. Think of it as a wedding photography rehearsal. This gets any “I hate having my picture taken” awkwardness out of the way before the actual wedding day. You will learn how to relax and enjoy being photographed.

Within a week of your session you will be invited to the studio to view your images on the big screen and will be guided in selecting your favourites. This is the same process we will use to choose your wedding pictures.

Images from your engagement session are great to use in newspaper/on-line announcements, wedding invitations, or to display as prints or in a slide show at bridal showers or your reception.

You can have your images printed on a wide range of products, from ornaments and key chains, to framed fine art prints and gallery wrapped canvases.

Packages & Pricing

groom swinging brideOur photography packages are designed to tell the story of your wedding day the way it was meant to be told. Most packages feature an elegant album that is custom designed to match the them of your wedding.

All packages include:

  • Mobile App
    • This is a feature packed application for your smart phone or tablet. It makes showing and sharing a collection of your 30 favourite images super easy. After an initial download your device will store these high resolution images and have them ready to share at a moments notice, even without an internet connection! Just one tap allows you to email the app or post it on social media. Typically these apps get viewed hundreds of times on dozens of devices. See if your wedding will ‘go viral.’
  • Web Sharing Kit
    • Of course you will want to share your images on-line. We make that efficient and effortless for you. All of your selected images will be emailed to you right after your viewing session. These web-sized images will be optimized for on-line purposes such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc. Please note that these are web images, and not suitable for printing.
  • Animated Slide Show
    • This is not your typical one-picture-dissolving-into-the-next-set-to-music slide show. Our premium shows are produced by the leading animated slide show production house in the industry. Quinte Studios will design a 5 – 10 minute show that tells the complete story of your wedding day. The music is licensed and our on-line system makes it easy to share your video and post it on social media. We can even add it to your mobile app so that you can have it right on your mobile device. See a sample show by playing the movie at the top of this page.
  • On-line Gallery
    • After your viewing session, all of your selected images will be available in an on-line web gallery. The gallery is hosted on the Clients section of the Quinte Studios website and access can be password procted if your prefer.Friends and relatives can view your images, save their favourites, and place orders on-line. This will simplify life for you.The gallery will be hosted for a year, and then the images will be archived.

Quinte Studios offers wedding photography packages to meet a wide range of budgets starting at $495.