So how much is a professional photo session going to cost? You could start with a half-hour sitting fee of $95. A complete line of prints, frames, and canvases are available and on display. Order whatever you want in whatever sizes and quantities you need. No high pressure sales session, just you and me picking out perfect pictures for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me to set up a no obligation consultation. Use the form below, or give me a call.
  2. Decide which Portrait session will meet your needs and fit your budget. sessions start at $95.
  3. Book your session and get it paid for so that we can both stop talking about money and get on with making beautiful photographs.
  4. Come in to my studio for a relaxed and enjoyable portrait session.
  5. Reserve an ordering appointment to come back to the studio within the next two weeks so that I can present you with your images and your product options.
  6. During your ordering session you can sink into my big leather couch, enjoy a cup of your favourite gourmet coffee or tea, and see your images projected on my wall. If you send me a snapshot of the walls in your home, then I can project your wall onto my wall and you can see exactly how your new wall art is going to look in your home. This is no pushy sales session; remember, your pictures are already paid for. I will just be there to guide you through the selection process. This is when you place your order.
  7. Since I am able to print and produce most of the products in-house, your order will usually be ready for pick-up within a week. Albums and specialty products take two to three weeks.

For more information on Portrait Bundle pricing and to see a complete Product Pricing Guide just complete the form below or give me a call.